Zoltán Szűcs


In August 2013, he joined the AEGON Hungary Investment Management Team as a portfolio manager.

In his previous job, he spent 3 years in a similar position at K&H Fund Management.

In 2010, Zoltán graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest with a degree in Finance, majoring in investment analysis and risk management.

In 2014, he earned a CFA degree that is both professionally and internationally recognized.

Dedicated Funds: Aegon BondMaxx Absolute Yield Bond, Aegon International Bond, Aegon Emerging Europe Bond Investment Fund. He is involved in the management of the Aegon MoneyMaxx Express Absolute Return Investment Fund.






In 2014, the Aegon BondMaxx Absolute Yield Bond Fund, then also known as the Aegon Central European Corporate Bond Investment Fund, was based on the three-year historical performance of Privátbankár.hu with a wide range of professional audiences and juries, taking into account various indicators. he was awarded a prize.

In 2016, the Aegon BondMaxx Absolute Yield Bond Fund won the Bankmonitor.hu “Best Actively Managed Fund” award.

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