March’s “all-you-can-eat” buffet

András Cserháti
Senior Product Manager

What should we put on our plate while we’ve still got the chance?

As an old Buddhist saying goes: “The best way of preparing for the future is to take good care of thepresent, because we know that if the present is made up of the past, then the future will be made up ofthe present. All we need to be responsible for is the present moment. Only the present is within ourreach. To care for the present is to care for the future”.

If the above quote strikes a familiar chord with those holders of shares, who, in principle, invest overthe long term, then this is probably because most investors are only prepared to weigh up thecircumstances of the given moment, disregarding the forecasts, which can be worth their weight ingold at times such as these. Let’s face it: most investors suffer from a form of selective deafness: in abull market they close their ears to anyone who warns of an impending bear market, or even just acorrection; but in a bear market, interestingly enough, everybody suddenly starts paying far moreattention to predictions, regardless of what they foretell.


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