Announcement of amendment of Aegon Central European Equity Investment Fund’s documentation


Aegon Hungary Investment Fund Management Company Limited by Shares (registered office: H-1091 Budapest, Üllői street 1., company registration number: 01-10-044261, hereinafter as Company), hereby informs its investors that in compliance with its legal obligation, with reference to §139 (1)/b and §139 (1)/f of Collective Investment Act amends the documentation  of Aegon Central European Equity  Investment Fund (Fund) in the following schedule:

From 15.6.2022:

Reason: the change of the name of the Fund and also the fact that new series of investment units have been launched, specifically:

  • EI (EUR)- ISIN: HU0000730361
  • CI (CZK)- ISIN: HU0000730411
  • UI (USD)- ISIN: HU0000730346

The name of the Fund changes from the date above, the new name is: VIG Central European Equity Investment Fund (Fund)


From 15.7.2022:

Reason: changes in the investment policy, the increase of the management fee, the Fund’s C and CI series share class is going to be a hedged product, some minor adjustments were made as well


The information contained in this announcement is not exhaustive, so to obtain accurate and detailed information, please read the consolidated and amended Prospectus of the  Fund.

Our announcement, as well as the amended Prospectus and Fund Rules are available at our official publication places:, the distribution places of the Fund, and on our website


Budapest, 15th June 2022.

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