AEGON MoneyMaxx Emerging Market Total Return Fund

HUF Retail series

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About Fund

The fund's aim is to assemble an investment portfolio for its investors that is comprised of both Hungarian and international moneyand capital-market instruments, which the fund can optimise through ongoing dynamic asset allocation in order to attain the highest possible yield. The fund is a 'total-return fund', which means that instead of concentrating on just one subsector of the money or capital market, at any given moment it focuses its investments on the area that holds the promise of the highest possible return. Accordingly, the fund may hold government securities and discount treasury bills issued by the State Debt Management Centre (ÁKK) on behalf of the State of Hungary, as well as bonds issued by the National Bank of Hungary, and also bank and corporate bonds that are low risk but are nevertheless likely to earn a higher return than government securities.

Besides these the fund's portfolio may also contain shares listed on the domestic stock exchange and the bourses of OECD countries, as well as the government securities, bank and corporate bonds of OECD countries. The fund does not follow a fixed benchmark, and does not adhere to a permanent ratio of shares to bonds, but aims to constantly change this ratio within a broad range; indeed, it is also prepared to take on currency risk (just as international bond/equity funds tend to) through the purchase of international government securities and equities. At the same time, the fund maintains the option to hedge currency risks.

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Net Yield Performance of the Fund
12 month
Befektetési jegy
2.45 %
-19.52 %
-4.33 %
3.82 %
2.89 %
-4.58 %
4.70 %
3.04 %
-0.60 %
0.41 %
0.23 %
0.31 %
Liquidity, flexibility

Suggested minimum investment period (A series): 3 years.
You can also access the amount invested at the current daily exchange rate at any time during the proposed investment period. You can buy, transfer or redeem the security at any time at this rate using the Aegon Online Securities Account.

You can find out about the settlement dates here:
Settlement period

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General Information

Fund Manager
AEGON Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt.
Unicredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Main Distributor
AEGON Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt.
Benchmark composition
100% Constans ref. index (HUF) + 9,5%
Risk category
Risk Category (I series)
Risk Category (P series)
Suggested minimum investment period (A series)
3 years
Suggested minimum investment period (I series)
3 years
Suggested minimum investment period (P series)
3 years
Always at your disposal.
From Tuesday to Thursday 8-16h
Monday 8-20h
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