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HUF Retail series

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About Fund

The aim of the fund is to function as a stable, low-risk investment vehicle, but to offer investors better returns than the performance of the current benchmark index, which may differ from interest rates depending on market conditions. The fund is a standard variable net asset value money market fund. The portfolio elements are selected in accordance with the above mentioned principles and based on the EU wide regulation on money market funds. To ensure liquidity the fund manager primarily aims to hold government bonds and discount treasury bills issued by the Government Debt Management Agency (ÁKK), and short-term instruments (e.g. deposits, repos) available on the interbank market. The fund is low-risk, but its portfolio may also contain mainly forint-, but also other foreign currency denominated debt securities issued by banks and corporations, which are expected to ensure a higher return than government securities. To a limited extent, the fund may also invest in bonds issued or guaranteed by the OECD or G20 countries, any central-, regional- or local governments and national banks of the EU and also by the European Union, the European Central Bank or the European Investment Bank.
The fund may hold securitisations, asset-backed commercial papers and also investment units and shares within the framework of the Money Market Funds Regulation. The Fund shall have aweighted average maturity no more than 6 months, and a weighted average life no more than 12 months. Moreover, the Fund shall also be allowed to invest in money market instruments with a residual maturity until the legal redemption date of less than or equal to 2 years, provided that the time remaining until the next interest rate reset date is less than or equal to 397 days. The fund may hold a limited proportion of foreign-currency instruments in its portfolio, but only subject to the full hedging of currency risk (the difference between the currency risk exposure of the derivative instrument and the hedged instrument can be maximum 5%). Aegon Money Market Fund is not a guaranteed investment. The risk of loss of the principal is to be borne by the investor. An investment in Aegon Money Market Fund is different from an investment in deposits, with particular reference to the risk that the principal invested in Aegon Money Market Fund is capable of fluctuation. Aegon Money Market Fund does not rely on external support for guaranteeing the liquidity of the fund or stabilising the NAV per unit or share.

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Net Yield Performance of the Fund
12 month
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2.80 %
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-0.24 %
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2.12 %
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Liquidity, flexibility

Suggested minimum investment period (A series): 3 months.
You can also access the amount invested at the current daily exchange rate at any time during the proposed investment period. You can buy, transfer or redeem the security at any time at this rate using the Aegon Online Securities Account.

You can find out about the settlement dates here:
Settlement period

Béri Zsófia

Portfolio Managers: Béri Zsófia , Németh Gábor

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General Information

Fund Manager
AEGON Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt.
Unicredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Main Distributor
AEGON Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt.
Benchmark composition
100% ZMAX Index
Risk category
Very low
Risk Category (I series)
Very low
Suggested minimum investment period (A series)
3 months
Suggested minimum investment period (I series)
3 months
Always at your disposal.
From Tuesday to Thursday 8-16h
Monday 8-20h
international number