AEGON Russia Equity Fund

HUF Retail series

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About Fund

The fund aims to share in the yields of the Russian equity market, and to profit from Russia's economic growth through share pricegains and dividend income. Given the risk profiles of the equity investments, the fund is classified as a high-risk investment. Thefund's portfolio primarily consists of the publicly issued shares of foreign companies. The main investment targets are the stockexchange-traded shares of companies that maintain an active presence in Russia or the former CIS states, or which generate thebulk of their revenues in these countries. When building the fund's portfolio, beyond the minimum statutory requirements, theprinciples of safety and maximum diversification (the spreading of risk) are observed.

The fund management company, exercisingall due care, determines the means of utilising the fund's resources on the basis of its own judgement and decisions, whileobserving the relevant legal provisions and the limitations stipulated in the Fund Documentation and by taking into account themacroeconomic environment of the investment markets, relying primarily on fundamental analysis. When compiling the portfolio, itis shares that determine the nature of the fund, and thus the proportion of shares that may be held in the fund at any givenmoment may reach the prevailing statutory maximum. The weights, within the portfolio, of shares traded in the Russian market aredetermined with a view to ensuring that the fund - in line with our expectations with regard to future risks and yields - achieves itsobjective, which is to outperform the benchmark advertised by the fund, over the longer term. The fund records its assets in forint;the fund management company may, at its own discretion, choose to hedge all or a part of its currency risks with forward currencypositions, in compliance with the applicable statutory requirements. Under the current legislation the proportion of shares in theportfolio may be up to 100%.

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Net Yield Performance of the Fund
12 month
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-68.11 %
-85.43 %
24.50 %
-7.02 %
47.23 %
6.26 %
-100.00 %
-54.77 %
23.94 %
-0.73 %
49.81 %
-0.91 %
Liquidity, flexibility

Suggested minimum investment period (A series): 5 years.
You can also access the amount invested at the current daily exchange rate at any time during the proposed investment period. You can buy, transfer or redeem the security at any time at this rate using the Aegon Online Securities Account.

You can find out about the settlement dates here:
Settlement period

Pálfi György

Portfolio Managers: Pálfi György , Naffa Helena

More Information

General Information

Fund Manager
AEGON Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt.
Unicredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Main Distributor
AEGON Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt.
Benchmark composition
100% Msci Russia 10-40 Net TR USD
Risk category
Very high
Risk Category (I series)
Very high
Risk Category (P series)
Very high
Suggested minimum investment period (A series)
5 years
Suggested minimum investment period (I series)
5 years
Suggested minimum investment period (P series)
5 years
Always at your disposal.
From Tuesday to Thursday 8-16h
Monday 8-20h
international number