Aegon Maraton Total Return Investment Fund

HUF Retail series

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About Fund
The objective of the Fund is to provide capital return for the investors within the appropriate risk limits. The aim of the Fund is to achive  the  highest possible  return  for  a  given  risk  level  by  buying  undervalued  stocks  and  fixed  income  assets  and  selling overvalued  instruments. The Fund is allowed to buy shares, bonds and other instruments, to open short positions on the spot market, to take long and short forward and future positions. Morever, the Fund can trade on the option market. The portfolio of the Fund is separeted into three classes according to their investment objective: Instruments of the first class consist of long postions of long term, fundamentaly undervalued, and short positions of overvalued equities. The method of stock picking is identical with the applied methods of Aegon equity related funds and mainly concentrate to the CEE regional markets, although the Fund is allowed to invest in other emerging and developed market instruments. The second class of the Fund's instruments implement the top-down equity strategy of Aegon Asset Management Co., mainly with long and short postions on the futures markets. These postions are based on the scores of the so-called "quadrant model", which is the internal asset allocation model of the Asset Management Company. Instruments of the third class involve the fixed income part of the Fund. The aim of the third class is to reach or exceed the performance of the RMAX Index. The target weight of the first and second classes altogether is 45%. Read More
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Net Yield Performance of the Fund
12 month
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-14.91 %
4.54 %
0.71 %
8.26 %
-4.82 %
3.94 %
1.03 %
-0.60 %
0.41 %
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0.19 %
Liquidity, flexibility

Suggested minimum investment period (A series): 3 years.
You can also access the amount invested at the current daily exchange rate at any time during the proposed investment period. You can buy, transfer or redeem the security at any time at this rate using the Aegon Online Securities Account.

You can find out about the settlement dates here:
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General Information

Fund Manager
AEGON Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt.
Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
Main Distributor
AEGON Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt.
Benchmark composition
100% Constans ref. index (HUF) + 3,5%
Risk category
Risk Category (I series)
Risk Category (P series)
Suggested minimum investment period (A series)
3 years
Suggested minimum investment period (I series)
3 years
Suggested minimum investment period (P series)
3 years
Always at your disposal.
From Tuesday to Thursday 8-16h
Monday 8-20h
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