Data security

AEGON Magyarország Zrt. does all in its power to ensure the security of the data given when visiting the web pages of We perform the data handling processes within the legal frameworks provided by Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data. We will not publicly disclose your personal data and we will not pass it on to third parties engaged in direct selling.

The pages of our website on which we request confidential information from our customers are secure pages. On such pages a padlock symbol at the bottom of the page indicates that the provided data cannot be seen by unauthorised persons. We encrypt the customer’s data with a 128-bit dual-key SSL procedure, which is one of the best existing technologies in the field of information security. The SSL encryption procedure uses an asymmetric key pair consisting of one private and one public key, a feature of which is that a message encoded with a public key can only be decoded with the private key. Owing to this, the data traffic between the web server and the customer cannot be seen by other – unauthorised – inquisitive parties.

Our security certificate was issued by the recognised Hungarian certification service provider Netlock Kft.

It’s worth knowing!
Unauthorised persons can potentially access messages received by email and via unencrypted channels, and the content of the message may be altered or lost.

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