About us

The Company, and its predecessor in title, has carried out trust management activity continuously since its formation in 1990. In the early years, it provided this service solely for its founder, the AEGON Hungary General Insurance Plc., but since 1995, it has undertaken portfolio management for its other clients as well. According to its trust management branch strategy, the Company provides trust management services solely for institutional investors. In the retail market our Company is presented via its investment funds. In relationship with the previously mentioned, our Company’s clients consist of pension funds, insurance companies and local governments.

Of investment funds managed by the Company:

  • Aegon Alfa Derivative Fund,
  • Aegon Asia Equity Fund of Funds,
  • Aegon Bessa Derivative Fund,
  • Aegon Climate Change Equity Fund,
  • Aegon Central European Equity Fund,
  • Aegon Central European Credit Fund,
  • Aegon Domestic Bond Fund,
  • Aegon EuroExpress Fund,
  • Aegon Istanbull Equity Fund,
  • Aegon International Bond Fund,
  • Aegon International Equity Fund,
  • Aegon MoneyMaxx Express Total Return Fund,
  • Aegon Money Market Fund,
  • Aegon Ózon Annual Capital Protected Fund,
  • Aegon Panoráma Derivative Fund,
  • Aegon Polish Bond Fund,
  • Aegon Polish Equity Fund,
  • Aegon Polish Money Market Fund,
  • Aegon Russia Equity Fund,
  • Aegon Smart Money Investment Fund of Funds.
  • Aegon Tempó Andante 1,
  • Aegon Tempó Andante 2,
  • Aegon Tempó Andante 3,
  • Aegon Tempó Moderato 4,
  • Aegon Tempó Moderato 5,
  • Aegon Tempó Moderato 6,
  • Aegon Tempó Moderato 7,
  • Aegon Tempó Allegro 8,
  • Aegon Tempó Allegro 9,
  • Aegon Tempó Allegro 10

After another strategic decision, the AEGON Group dissolved its broker company, the AEGON Hungary Securities Plc, on 15 November 2004, with three goals in mind: to focus on trust management as a top priority, to establish a clear organizational structure, and to run a more efficient operation. In consequence of the change, the AEGON Befektetési Jegy Forgalmazó Zrt. has become the leading distributor of the AEGON Funds. This change has not significantly influenced the work of the AEGON Hungary Fund Management Co. The AEGON Investment Funds, the members of the AEGON Group and the trust management for third clients continue to be a main focus of the Company’s activity.

Further important changes of 2008 were: Aegon Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt. and Aegon Magyarország Pénztárszolgáltató Zrt. acquired Uniqa Vagyonkezelő Zrt and Heller-Saldo 2000 Pénztárszolgáltató Kft.

In 2009 Aegon Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt. became member of Aegon Global Asset Management providing  even more high quality investment service thanks to the group investment background.

Make the best of the existing regulation Aegon Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt. and Aegon Magyarország Befektetési Jegy Forgalmazó Zrt. merged into one entity in 2013.

    The Company’s main details

    Foundation 9 December 1996
    ÁB-MONÉTA Investment Fund Manager Ltd.
    Reorganization I. 21 February 2000
    ÁB-MONÉTA Investment Fund Manager Plc.
    Reorganization II. 18 September 2000
    AEGON Hungary Investment Fund Management Close Company
    The owners of the Company
    AEGON Hungary General Insurance Close Company
    The Company’s core capital
    (31.07.2013),- Ft
    The Company’s own capital
    1.999.843.692- Ft
    The Company’s managed assets
    582.057.744.870- Ft

    Scope of activities

    The aim of the Company is to serve as an investment fund management company on the Hungarian and on the International markets. Based on the authorization set out in Section III., paragraph 7, point (1), (2) and (3) of Act XVI of 2014 on Collective Investment Forms and its Managers, and on the amendment of financial laws,, the Company is allowed to perform the following activities:

    • Investment management (to execute investment strategies according to the mandate)
    • Risk management
    • Provide administration duty in connection with collective investment schemes
      • a)      accountancy and legal tasks,
      • b)      information service for clients,
      • c)      asset valuation, asset pricing, managing taxation,
      • d)      monitoring compliance,
      • e)      managing register/database in connection with clients,
      • f)       yield payments,
      • g)      administration tasks with respect to the issuance and the distribution of collective investment fund notes,
      • h)      handling transaction settlement,
      • i)       maintaining registers,
    • the issuance and the distribution of collective investment fund notes;
    • Portfolio management, including managing portfolios for occupational pension schemes
    • Investment advisory
    • managing clients’ accounts, custodian and administrative tasks of collective investment fund notes,

    Membership in Professional Organisations

    Hungarian Association of Investment Fund and Property Managers (BAMOSZ), 1997
    National Association of Pension Fund Providers (NYUSZOSZ), Property Manager Section 1998


    The Company’s auditor is Pál Tímár, certified auditor of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Könyvvizsgáló Kft. (1055 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 78.).


    Always at your disposal.
    From Tuesday to Thursday 8-16h
    Monday 8-20h
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